How to Do Politics Right

First, teach GOP voters to use early mail-in voting starting 5 weeks before election day, and running a few days after, based on postmark date. I don’t care WHAT the content of your “policy” is, or how “saved” you are — you just cannot beat six weeks worth of collected, harvested, mailed in early votes in one single day.

We are supposed to be good managers, realistic people, who think like a boss.

OK just do that. Replace all the RNC top brass with people who will give us an even break to have a strong ground game. Find people who will work and make that happen in 2024.

Second, leave off Donald J Trump. His legal embranglements are too numerous, too complex, and too distracting. His fate was caused not by you. It’s a bad bet to imagine that 34 Judges will all give Trump so many breaks that he can run, and win, and govern. It’s an inside straight. Don’t raise so you can draw on an inside straight.

Third, De Santis is a former Navy JAG like my own self, which makes me like him. He wants Woke to die. So I like him more. He is a family man. His record in Florida is 100 gutsy calls that turned out right — he is batting 1000, and trailing clouds of glory. He speaks well. No shilly-shally. Like a trial lawyer (JAG).

Publicity is not a substitute for victory. “Trending” is not as good as winning. Biden the con man, has conned everybody for 60 years. Beyond that he has the well organized (one mind hive) Dems behind him. They know ground game. They know the ballot hustle. They will be formidable in 2024, with free money for the students, free abortions for the women, free whatever you want for the “needy”, free entry for the invaders, free medical, free education, free helicopter money. We are facing a foe with unlimited give away resources of Other People’s Money, also backed by George Soros, and 50 other Billionaires. In an environment where the candidate with the most money usually wins, like Fetterman over Oz.

Ike was a sober guy. Played bridge. Organized D-Day. Beat the Dems in his time. Served 2 full terms. Left USA is amazing great shape. Which JFK promptly squandered. And after that it got worse and worse.

De Santis is no Ike. But he is the closest we can come in 2024. You go to Campaign with the people you’ve got. A ticket of De Santis and Cotton would be very hard to beat. We have people that are good enough. But the RNC needs to be fired and replaced by top brass who are good enough. Right now they are not. The Dems do not fear us. Or respect us. We will have everything going for us in 2024 — four years of the horror called Biden, and good math on the open seats.

Bottom line — Fire the RNC — Get better people. Victory in 2024. Make changes and get better results.


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