Social Media and National Elections

Close all social media in the last 60 days before votes can be cast in any Federal election.

Task the National Security Agency with making this happen.

Provide NSA with armed uniformed agents to empower NSA to take steps to close any social media that does not close itself according to law.

Social media has become harmful to electoral decisionmaking that embodies the consent of the governed.

What we have today is consent of the brainwashed, the misled, the fooled, the duped, and the swindled.

A Presidential finding and executive order is not adequate to accomplish such a sweeping reform. We need a Statute, that has been affirmed by the Supreme Court.

This measure is drastic, but no more drastic than is necessary in light of what we now know about the Hunter Biden laptop and how all social media platforms were shaped and molded by the powers that be in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street, and in China.

It would be OK to have the National Security Agency do something actually helpful to our national security. Something in their expertise. Something they could actually make work.

It is not a sin, a crime, or a violation of the Constitution to tell any communications organization to close down for 60 days at certain moments when doing so would help the voters get better, cleaner, more relevant information as they head to the polls to vote.

The Simulmatics simulation method combined with the i-phone, the smart-phone, the Facebook, the Twitter, the Tik Tok, and the Snap chat have reached a point where any story can be suppressed totally so nobody sees it on social media.

TV news and newspapers, and magazines are not included in this measure. Just social media. Just for 60 days. Just before Federal elections.

This would be giving ourselves a break, before Xi, and Zuckerberg, and Dorsey breaks us.

For a nation of freedom loving people to stand up a protect their freedom is natural, not sinful, not fascist, not like anybody in Europe in 1939, not like anybody in China in 1949.

Keeping elections untainted by false mind-shaper players is lawful conduct if Congress so decides, and the Supreme Court agrees on the Statute if valid.

Letting the National Security Agency use its expertise is OK. Letting them provide some national security is OK. We are decided that so many things are not OK that we have painted ourselves into a corner of dysfunction, inaction, sloth, negligence, and passivity which directly and immediately resulted in the election of a dementia patient to be our President — that poses a threat to our nation’s security of borders, security from chemical attack (Fentanyl), security from rape, mayhem and murder on our streets, and security of knowing who we are dealing with (possible terrorist or not) in our planes, our malls, our streets, our public buildings.

Pick somebody to run NSA who agrees to do the task. If they fail, replace them. Repeat until an NSA leader is found who wants to do the task, and who does the task.

Provide funding as required to get the task done.

We won’t get our nation back unless we take it back.

It won’t be given back to us. You can vote your way into Marxist Leadership, but you must shoot your way back out. The NSA suggestion made here is my attempt to be non-violent while that is still possible. Be kind. Do not mock.


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