Emerging From Our Era of Outrage

In the time of Biden and Harris the outrages are piling on so fast and heavy that one barely has time to articulate them in outline before the next wave of outrageous and previously impossible things happen.

Your life savings become worthless.

Your streets are filled with foreign invaders.

Your kids are filled with Fentanyl, then dead.

Your children a sexually mutilated by their schoolteachers.

Your Congress prattles on about nothing, provides no solutions, takes no action, rewards Tim Cook, and CCP leader Xi, and Joe and Hunter Biden.

How is any of this possible?

The teachers unions groomed the XYZ’s to become vicious communist revolutionaries, like Pol Pot (yes I was in Cambodia in 1969).

The White House is the epicenter of the new killing fields, harboring a thousand extremely vicious Green Sky War Crusaders who know that to save the world some people must be sacrificed — like most middle class job holders, house owners, dollar holders in USA.

If you start with the idea that humans are killing the planet, led by USA, a bad and terrible place, then making America into ashes and cinders seems good to your addled mind.

If the freakish aspect of the Green warrior mind occurs to nobody that matters, it is because the powers that be are all that kind of freak, and no freak thinks they are a freak. All people think as I do that they are the Orb, the still point of reason, around which the madding world turns. I happen to be correct. Every human in the White House feels that way about their own selves.

Sacrifices must be made if you want an omelette. Your eggs, yourselves, your deplorables — might as well be the ones sacrificed, not Chuck, or Nancy, or Mark, or Tim. If some of us must be broken you make the new planet omelette, better it be the ones with no power, and best protect the ones with the power.

Come 2024 this will have gone too far. There will be people on the other side of my front door who will notice it. There could even be a few XYZ people, if they are graduates of de-programming training. When the nation is a vast field of cinders, somebody will notice. I will not be alone then.

Like Admiral Byrd at the North Pole, I am, at this time, alone.


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