Patent Office Abandons its Core Duty

The core duty of the Patent Office is to promote the progress of science and useful arts by securing, for limited times, to authors and inventors, the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries (Article I, Section 8, US Constitution).

After that Congress enacted and President Obama signed the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act to Amend Title 35 of the United States Code, to provide for patent reform.

An important aspect of said patent reform is in section 100 of Title 35 and comprises the First Inventor to File Rule.

Another important aspect of the patent reform was to make it cheaper and easier of small inventors to prosecute their own patents, pro se, on paper, thus opening up the patent privilege to more people not just billion dollar large corporations.

Then came Biden in 2020. And the intent of the America Invents Act was turned upside down by the installation of a computer to scan incoming patent applications on paper, and then use AI robots search them for thousands of possible deviations from extremely narrowly drawn rules that apply to line spacing, typography, use of terms, punctuation, sections, and lexicography.

To fight the Green War on the Sky everything must be digitized. No more paper. Paper filers are punished to help them better understand how they should behave to save the Planet, which comes first, as a enviro whackjobs fully understand. If a few heads get busted in this learning process, it’s not any of the Biden people. It’s just deplorables. No counts. Nobodies. Nullities. So you can’t save the planet without breaking some businesses. All the oil and gas companies. All the small inventors who file on paper. Every company that makes cars with internal combustion engines. Hurting a few people to save the Planet is OK according to Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Xi, Pol Pot, and Joe Biden — and you can see the logic of that, right? It’s the collective that matters.

Silly Founders just talked about inventors and authors, not the collective. How unwoke were those dead white males?

My patent 17/300,726 took 5 years to invent and get into filed form. It went through 40 careful editions to fix every flaw and make it perfect. It’s ISBN9798769744402, get it from Amazon, read it. Actually you can examine it without buying it using the “Look Inside” app.

But the robot computer they fed my patent to found about 100 deviations from the hyper-technical requirements of various Code of Federal Regulations sections.

Then the robot spit out a 6 page letter to me telling me of my flaws, to be corrected, on pain of my patent being abandoned.

Of course, it was an impossible task. And even if it had somehow been done, the robot could surely find another 100 deviations in the diagrams, and perhaps some in the title, and in the pagination.

So, the intent of the Patent Office was reversed by Joe Biden and his plan to save the planet.

Science and useful arts will still be advanced — as you see on Amazon, and at Google.patents my technology is now public globally, but this will happen in China, not USA. Biden is an agent of Xi. Biden is an agent of Silicon Valley. Xi gets more free technology. Big Tech gets more contracts to provide robots to the Patent Office.

By the way, once a paper patent has been scanned, all the typography, layout and line spacing issues can be solved automatically by the push of a button. They chose to kill my patent rather than push the button to clean up the flaws. They abandoned their actual mission to pursue their new Green War On the Sky task given to them by Joe Biden. They wish to punish non-digital filers so we can have a paperless and more perfect world.

No human ever read or even glanced at my patent except to toss it into the feeder tray so it could be auto-scanned, and AI analyzed, then turned into a letter of rebuke for me, 6 pages of trivia nonsense related to line spacing, layout, indenting, punctuation, and lexicographical quibbles. No human ever read the letter before it was auto-signed and sent out, and auto-post. So many robots. So many Big Tech profits. So many campaign donations to Biden.

Biden’s intent is to flip upside down every Agency in the government to shock the middle class (epater le bourgeousie). The price paid does not land on Tim Cook, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, or Chuck Schumer, so who cares where it lands? The deplorables get taught a lesson about how bad they are. Joe brings them that lesson. Something he has waited half a century to do. He’s a teacher. He has a lesson for you. If it shocks you …. good! See also DOD, and DOE, and DOT, and EPA, and FCC, and FERC.

Sad story. But it’s the way of Biden. His conduct will find it way of affecting you someday. Then you will have your own story.


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