How to Survive In a Society that is Collapsing

If you do not feel that USA is collapsing right now, this would be the moment to stop reading this post. You have way better ways to use your time, so stop reading now, and go do those.

If you recognize that USA is collapsing, and want to improve your chances of surviving, there could be some points in this post that may help you.

Your prescriptions are becoming more difficult to get filled. You can’t reach your doctor. None of the automatic prescription refill systems are working. What do you do?

Look for alternative things that can be ordered from which may be helpful.

Your ability to have conversations with friends and associates has been impaired due to your being de-platformed by global warming warriors who don’t like your politics because your beliefs do not correspond 100% with their beliefs.

What do you do?

Use “message” to talk to your friends if your ability to post on a platform has been taken away by the Far Left Sky War Fanatics [FLSWF].

Your business has been killed, so you have no means to make a living — what do you do?

Use your time to encourage people to make better electoral choices. Your business is dead, but you are still around, so try to get more political power into the hands of supply side ideologues rather than in the hands of progressive socialist ideologues. November 2024 will be a time for new policy to come to the White House and the Congress. Try to make that happen. Get rid of Biden, before he gets rid of you.

Always be armed when you are out of your house. The streets have got 50 million foreign invaders on them. Violent people. And the police are defunded, demoralized, disarmed, and not able to handle the load. So you must provide the force to deter attacks on your person. The attackers do not fear the police, the public, or the system. Your security depends of helping the attacker to fear you personally in the moment.

At the store, be careful not to let any person get within striking range of you. Today’s people will knock you out just for fun, or because they do not agree with how you dress, or your skin color. They have been trained to think that anything they do to you is OK, excusable, justifiable, not worthy of punishment. The jungle is here, now. Your ability to adapt is your passport to continued existence. Or, perhaps you would like the “stand on principle” and go out of existence, as many brave men and women have done since Biden took office.

Reality is not the best. It’s not deniable either. So, it’s not your ideal, but its your fate. You deal with it or you don’t. Whatever is going on in your head does not matter. You deal with reality or you don’t. So now is the time to adapt your head to reality, because reality is going to continue disintegrating until 3 January 2025 at the earliest, and possibly will not get better even then.

We may be past the point of recovery. XYZ’s a allowed to vote. They are not getting smarter, they are getting dumber. Biden could easily be elected again, or perhaps AOC instead of Biden, or maybe Elizabeth Warren.

If you can move overseas, take a look at Perth, Western Australia, Christchurch, New Zealand, or Aberdeen Scotland. The passport privileges you now have may be curtailed is the Biden style people become more powerful, as well may happen.

Things do not HAVE to get better. They often go from bad to worse when a major nation is in collapse. Rome would be one example, but also Germany and the United Kingdom. Perth is not likely to be a Sharia Zone anytime soon, and Alice even less, and Christchurch, also.

Trigger warning — Snowflakes who are racial racial sky war sky war should not read this post. I did warn you, and please count this as prior warning using nunc pro tunc to make in timely. Seek therapy if you are traumatized by any micro-aggression. Chamomile tea, a safe place — maybe a university, and a support group, poor you, brace up dear.


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