The Border Within The Border

The border within the border is actual belief that X is lawfully present inside USA and this second border may not be transgressed even if the actual line in the sand physical national border has been transgressed.

A person can be here in this country, but unless they are provably an actual factual citizen, or lawfully present alien, you are not compelled in logic, ethics, or law, to accept them as legally present and worthy of rights that would be associated with a legally present person.

Reality can be a bit hard to deny or twist. Somebody who actually has lived in Guatemala or Nicaragua or Honduras for the past 10 years may find it difficult to present clear and convincing evidence that they actually lived in USA over the past 10 years.

True facts are supported by some evidence. Fake facts (non-facts) are devoid of supportive evidence. Counterfeit documents and evidence can be offered to support non-facts but doing so is costly, difficult, and not likely to work if the examiner of the “evidence” is awake, sentient, functional, and caring (not like Joe Biden, more like Tom Cotton).

An organization certifying the probable verity of lawful presence in USA could exist if there were any human or humans inside USA who were willing to pay for the service.

Certificates of this kind would constitute a border within the border. And would exist, if there were a market for them.

Is there anybody inside USA would might care, be willing to pay, and could constitute a market for authentication services. Well yes —

The CIA does not want to recruit random possible foreigners to be spies for USA.
The Army does not want to fill its ranks with randos picked up from who knows where.
There are corporations that hold DOD contractor status who cannot afford to hire randos from who knows where into their employment.
There is at least one state that cares about who is in that state, and who pay to know more about person X. It could be Idaho, or Utah, or New Hampshire, or Texas, or Florida — I do not assert that I know what state cares enough about this to pay for reliable data, but at least one state will pay to know who is in it, so a border within a border is not so impossible to believe in.

When systems fail, you step back and create secondary systems to cope with the failure.

The Biden government has intended to fail, and our border is gone.

But out of 325 million Americans there are a few who care and who will pay to build a second system to do what the border was supposed to do.

You may say I’m a dreamer. And that there is not one quark of hard evidence that anybody actually cares, or would take any step to separate the lawfully present from the unlawful randos.

As a lawyer, I am familiar with the Courts, and they make people swear to be who they actually are, and they really do want people to state correctly who they actually are because all their proceedings can become null and void if the participants are actually illegals from Nicaragua and not citizens of USA as they claim to be.

People who strap on F-18 military jets are of some concern to the Air Force that they be actually who they claim to be, and not some rando from Guatemala. Even a senior officer, like a General could get in trouble for letting a foreign national take off in a military jet.

What I propose is not so outlandishly improbable that we can discount it utterly and say for sure that nobody in USA will ever care to pay to know who anybody is.

There will be a border within the border. It will be based on investigation, evidence, and certification.

It does seem like a dream, but I’m not the only one having the dream.

Necessity makes some things happen. The border inside the border will be one of those things.


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