The Woke Apocalypse Teenie Bopper Squad Is Running USA and There’s Nothing You Can Do About it till 2024

People with their own very special morality are in charge at the moment. They feel that USA needs to be taken down a peg or two, and Gxd Dxmn USA as Rev. Jeremiah Wright taught Obama, and as Obama taught Joe Biden, and as Joe Biden taught Ron Klain, and as Ron Klain runs the West Wing, and the Agencies, and your life.

It’s a club. You are not in the club.

So, you will find a way in the new environment of utter lunacy, or you will just disappear beneith the waves like the swimmers after the Titanic went down.

Rates will go up. Your credit card debt will become unaffordable. Your ability to pay your mortgage or rent will be impaired. You may be sorry that you fed and raised the Tennie Boppers. It’s the Midwitch Cuckoos. They are not us. They belong to The Green War on the Sky. They are called. To get rid of humans, who are wrecking the planet, so the planet can live on, with few or no humans on it. It could be like Mars, but with water.

The perfection of mankind by its elimination. Hxtlxr tried, Stxlxn tried, Mxx tried, PxlPxt tried, and now comes the Teenie Bopper Squad to finish the job. If they put a plastic bag over your head and shoot you in the back of the head, it’s to make the world a better place, so try to be understanding about that. There are no indispensable men. And if there are, it’s not you. The world savers are indispensable, like John Kerry, who flies on jets to “get things done”.

I saw this movie before, in Cambodia, in 1969. Been there, saw that. Teenie Boppers turned into Stobor. Like in Tunnel in the Sky (by RAH).


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