The Building, and the Freedom of Association Concept

The “building” could include the Senate building in ancient Rome, the Castle, the Atheneum, the Parthenon, the Seagrams Building, the Empire State Building, the Capitol Building of the US Government, or the building that you live in and call your home.

If there is a US Constitution, and if it does include a First Amendment, and if half of that is about Freedom of Association, then it must be OK for your building to include who you want to include and to not include those who you do not want to include.

Does that sound “Non-Inclusive”?

If so, we could get rid of the Constitution, the First Amendment, this nation, all nations, and just focus on always and everywhere including everybody in everything. Be like Woodstock. Be like Summer of Love. Dancing in the street. Very groovy.

USA has lost control of itself as a nation. It is a parcel of land. Gone to the dogs.

People who pine for the old Republic, are dodo’s, waiting to be eaten by the wild dogs that roam the land.

I see it, I get it, I look for some way out of it.

What I find is “The Building” (The Castle for you Kafka fans).

The building is the final redoubt of the First Amendment.

It’s where Woke gets off the bus.

If the owner of the building wants it that way.

Or the building could be chock-a-block stuffed with Woke people.

The building is where dividuality is preserved — like the monastery in the Dark Ages.

We are in the Biden Dark Ages.

After Biden, it is not assured that we will be out of the Dark Ages.

Buildings will still exist.

They are the refuge of sanity when times become insane.

You are in a private building by permission of the owner.

It’s like a country, with a border, something USA once was.

To get into such a building an ID card will be used.

[Full disclosure, the author designs and makes ID cards, per patent US 10,176,661 B2].


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